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Here are some sites that I recommend visiting. All of these links open in their own window so that GlenGreenDotCom will stay open in the background.

Teddy Carroll's excellent Adventures in My Mind
Feel your brain rot at Ron Edward's Deadville
Bart Christner's Media Specifications Institute: MESPIN
Want some advice? Read Teddy Carroll's entertaining and frequently helpful epinions.
Read Corey Davis' blogger site flawd logic.
Peruse the musings at KarenMatu.com
For the geek in you: Adam Cecchetti's Shadowflux.
Write your own film with help from Teddy Carroll's ScreenwritingSource.com
My mystery blogging friend muses musical at One Drummer Drumming
Find philosophy at Brian Janaszek’s Boy on Bike blog.
Tech Talk, Thoughts, Topics & Trends with Dinesh Chandrasekhar.
A great video for animal lover's of all ages. Kitten Kommotion
Get my opinion, my epinion to be exact.
Shop on eBay with the Carroll Trading Company
The James Randi Educational Foundation. Challenge superstition.
How Stuff Works, from nanotechnology to Mardi Gras to the brain.
Is it real or folklore? Find out at the Urban Legends Reference Pages.
Quackwatch -Your Guide to Health Fraud,Quackery, and Intelligent Decisions.
Investigate rational inquiry, ethical values, and human development with the Council for Secular Humanism.
American Humanist Association, an organization affirming human ethics, meaning, and responsibility without superstition.
Keep church and State free with Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
Protect your liberty with the ACLU.
Enjoy the morbid humor of Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies.

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