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Welcome GlenGreenDotCom!

Chance are that you either know me, or landed here by some freak accident of a search engine. GlenGreenDotCom is a personal Web site, with much of the content in the password protected section, "Friends & Family". The other portions of the site are devoted to ramblings that I don't mind sharing with strangers and freaks, freaky strangers, and strange freaks, (friends and family included).

If you are lucky enough to be related to me, or are my friend, (and not after my vast fortune), or would like to be my friend (cash donation required); and would like access to the password protected sections, then you may plead your case by contacting me. Be warned: to be my friend you must be of a special, elite class. So far, I'm my only friend.

I started this site a few years ago and have slowly been evolving it's design as my interest and time allowed. This is the third generation (re-launched June 2002) and the first one that is more than just text in tables.

I'm surprised at how many times I've been questioned as to why I've created, and maintain this site. People have pointed out to me that the tiny voice of my Website is lost in the din of the internet. I think it is odd that these same people would never think to ask why I might make a painting, in spite of the countless paintings in the world.

I find this site satisfying on several levels: I find it helpful for organizing my thoughts and for manifesting an idea; I enjoy using it as my own soap box, finding it better to have a small voice than no voice; and I think it is useful for communicating to friends and family in the corners of the world.

I hope that my readers enjoy the navel gazing, sundry random thoughts, and daily observations that would otherwise be lost in a busy day. So many casual contacts, emails, and phone calls follow, "So, what's new?" "Nothing."
That's because it is hard to keep our small, daily ruminations at the tips of our brain, ready for recall. But here, you can read a range of my otherwise fleeting musings from stupid traffic cops to world politics.

I find merit in the writing, it is up to the individual reader to find merit in the reading. Still, there is ego, and I must confess that I hope my readers do indeed find some virtue here of their own accord.

Here are some pointers about GlenGreenDotCom:

  • The site is divided into four 'silos' of information, WorldView, Friends & Family, About and Contact.
  • Besides these four main areas are 'buckets' of information that serve the whole site, these include What's New and the Archives.
  • When you click to each of the four silos the left hand navigation will change to reflect sub categories underneath the major silos. An example being the Quotes link/page found under the WorldView silo. It is worth scanning these side navigation bars periodically for changes or additions.
  • The most current WorldView and Friends & Family essays are at the top of the page. i.e The essays are in chronological order - newest at the top, oldest at the bottom.
  • Iif you haven't been here recently then you may want to scroll down towards the bottom of the essay pages (currently WorldView and Friend's & Family News) and read the essays from the bottom up. (i.e. In chronological order).
  • If you haven't visited for a while also consider reviewing What's New for a list of changes.
  • After you've read all of the current essays or if you've missed past months entries read the Archives.

All of this Web splendor is brought to you by the sweat of my brow and the cramps of my flashing fingers on the keyboard and mouse. Be kind, show me you care, or at least show me you were here: drop me a line. Every email will be cherished and stored in a vault at zero degrees Kelvin for all of eternity.

So read the navel gazing reflections and ramblings in WorldView, delve the depths of the Archives, open the locks to Friends & Family, or just Contact me.

See past WorldView and Friends and Family News in the Archive
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